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Stop Asian Hate kc


When: Sunday, March 28th 2021

Time: 1:00pm

Where: 1101 Mulberry Street

We will be honoring lives lost in Atlanta, and AAPI lives lost from hate crimes with a moment of silence and lighting of traditional incense. This will be an outdoor, family-friendly event with masks required. This is NOT a protest, this is a vigil to honor the lives lost and educate our community.

Please respect all attendees and their boundaries. Antiblackness and anti LGBTQIA will not be tolerated. Please ensure adequate physical distancing and follow CDC guidelines for safety.

Most importantly, this vigil is to promote a space for all of us to process and heal. 


Atlanta Spa Victim Crowdfunds

AAPI Community Fund

Hate Is A Virus Community Action Fund

Resources for Teaching and Learning by Student Voice

Anti-Asian Violence Resources Carrd

These resources are not exhaustive by any means. You can keep up with our Instagram @cafecaphe for more resources, but we encourage you to listen and share, research on your own, and most importantly, show up for those around you. 

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