the story behind the Drinks

our story

Welcome to Cafe Cà Phê, Kansas City's first and only Vietnamese coffeeshop.

The Midwest has some of the lowest representation for Asian and Asian Americans, and we are here to change that–one cup of hella good coffee at a time. You are welcomed here, just like our mom's house. You'll be seen, heard, and recognized. You will not leave our home empty handed or hungry. We serve tough love with a side of art, realness, and style.


We are a group of artists, baristas, creators, business owners, hustlers, bread winners, change makers, dancers, Queers, immigrants, first generation, singers, animal and life lovers. This is our team inside the shop. This is our family outside the shop. We are ride or die for this community and for each other.

We've got good luck and good friends on our side.

You belong here.